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New client (again, but last!)

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Dear troopers, we are happy to announce we have released a brand new client of WarRock Montana.

We know we already upgraded a lot, but this one is bringing really cool things, and we can say it will be the last client upgrade.


The reasons we did upgrade are the following:

- This client is based on a Peer 2 Server model, this helps also people affected by peering issues in-game (also known as 999), so there will be no more ping, but a smooth gameplay. 

- The mentioned above Peer2Server is not the same as normal WarRock (ph/eu/kr) are running, our one is on a custom protocol that is way more faster than the normal game does, so we can guarantee a better gameplay experience

- We can make more updates/add new features to this client as its faster for us, as there are only 1/2 people working on the project

- This client has been built for really low-end computers, any user will notice instantly the lighter smoothness of the client

There are a lot more ...


Enjoy this update!

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20 hours ago, Homey said:

tomorrow next client?

This is the last (and best) client.

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Great to hear that u guys are improving more and more!

Kind Regards,

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