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  1. Warehouse Preview

    it looks great! can't wait to play on it with some people! Kind Regards, Artic
  2. Game Update - 19.04.18

    well, I'm very sorry for being that guy right now. But updating a post on elitepvpers and adding a link back to the website is 10 minutes of work max. This should bring a decent amount of players back.
  3. Game Update - 19.04.18

    I will send u a private message as this is not really the place to discuss this:P Kind Regards, Artic
  4. Game Update - 19.04.18

    Nicely done, but wouldn't it be smart to get some advertisements for the server going to get a greater playerbase. because as of now it is close to nothing. and since u guys are updating the game constantly it would mean that most of the players will actually stay. Kind Regards, Artic
  5. New client (again, but last!)

    Great to hear that u guys are improving more and more! Kind Regards, Artic