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  2. Troopers, we've released a new patch with a lot of content & server fixes! Hope you'll enjoy!
  3. Problems 999 / Cannot see people

    This isn't anymore required since we run on P2S protocol now.
  4. Cash oversales!

    não consigo jogar erro Data\Tools.srl
  5. Cash oversales!

  6. Cash oversales!

    Troopers, we sent to everyone +50.000 WRCash and +100.000 Dinars Hope you will enjoy it!
  7. Game Update - 18.07.18

    Changelogs: - New "blood" weapons in the itemshop1 - Some game fixes (sounds/scopes/etc) - Some misc fixes
  8. Game Update - 14.07.18

    Changelogs: - New weapons have been added in the item shop! - New daily event has been added. Log in every day to get a random prize that can be an amount of cash/dinar or a rare item! - New bug fixes! Also until 01.09.18 we will be running a 200% EXP event!
  9. Troopers, as being an expensive and unused servers, we are removing Europe/USA server for the moment. As soon as U.S people increases, on its request, we will add a new USA server. For the moment, the international server will run in Europe (Frankfurt) Hope in your comprension!
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