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  1. New client (again, but last!)

    When neww client , data?
  2. New client

    Yesssssss. ??
  3. [POLL-2]Changing client

    Yesssssss! is The best client !
  4. [POLL] Changing client

    tHIS VERSION UPDATE PLS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNJdZZl9LLw
  5. [POLL] Changing client

    Sorry , add new weapon item packagei itemshop
  6. [POLL] Changing client

    Do not add a new client, this one is great. I am asking you to remove the IS addendum in this client and add the option to add a clan.
  7. Game update - 18.02.18

    Thaaanks ?