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  1. Game Update - 25.04.18

    Changelogs: - Adjusted Item Shop prices - Changed cash per hour from 1000 to 500 and now you need minimum of 2 players in room for playtime to count for getting cash (zombie excluded) - Removed buggy character parts and added some new ones - Adjusted damage values for BG related stuff, so BG should be at least playable now. (its still work in progress) - Fixed some weapon/character descriptions Added new items and weapons to the Item Shop: - C4, Impact Wrench, HA_Supply, AVV Medicine and Gun Smith ticket - Famas_Silencer, CX4Storm, Javelin, Predator, Strela - All country Famases - One 8th slot weapon for each class (G36CD, TMP9, AI_AW, M60, M134) - Battle Group PKG2 Weapon Balancing: - Fixed recoil for AW50F, PSG, AK47TC - Weight increase for AW50F (+4), AK47_Dual (+14) - T-Bomb nerf, its now same as normal grenade - Micro adjustments for almost all weapons Weapon Balance Showcase: - 2nd slot: - Assault: - Medic/Engineer: - Big guns: Weapon balance is subject of change but it should be very good as this is the last big weapon balance update. And as always please try out the new improved weapons and feel free to leave feedback about anything.
  2. Game Update - 19.04.18

    Maybe you missed the last part on my reply? Posting on Elitepvpers is on my list, just finishing couple of things with the game first and then its time to get some players and also I have many more good ways to get players too than just posting there, so don't worry.
  3. Game Update - 19.04.18

    I have some things in the works for getting new players in, meanwhile just invite your friends here. Also Koryo said that we don't know where to advertise, well I do so no worries.
  4. New client (again, but last!)

    This is the last (and best) client.
  5. Game Update - 11.03.18

    You mean the vehicle/equipment balance, like this one: (the info about vehicle/equipment balance is middle of the first post and the thread has many great things from KWR updates) http://forum.papayaplay.com/index.php?p=/discussion/356263/kwr-update-thread-many-balance-patches-new-post-graphics-and-interesting-files/p1
  6. Game Update - 11.03.18

    PSG (red version at least, not sure about the normal one) stats are incorrect, it does 95 damage to chest instead of 100% and with the 80% accuracy it has now, thats no bueno, need to do that 100% damage to chest. Also would be nice to get the rest of the weapons balanced, maybe custom balance done by you guys, I could certainly help too. Another great thing to get would be BG vehicle/Equipment balance implemented to here from KWR, then I could certainly ask my mostly BG playing clan to try this server out.