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Hosting security breach - 26.2.2018

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WarRock Montana

Greetings troopers,

We're afraid to announce that one of our hosting providers got hacked today, we want to clarify that the hackers did not gain access to our database nor steal any personal information from our users.

That means everybody's their user credentials are safe so there is no reason to panic. Please note that if the hackers gained access to our database they still couldn't steal any personal data because we use one the best encryption, hashing and salting methods that are out there.

The server will remain offline while we're trying to recover a back-up. We will compensate everybody for the downtime.

Thank you for understanding and your patience.

Kind regards,

Your WarRock Montana team.

EDIT: All the back-ups we're lost, please register again on the official website we will put out a very high exp event for the upcoming days so everybody can re-gain their levels, we're truly sorry for this tragic event.

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