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  1. WarRock Montana - Game rules

    CHEATS & HACKS 1. a) Do not under any circumstances use 3rd Party Programs Cheating and exploiting is a serious offense and we have a zero tolerance policy towards it. So please for your own good, don't use any cheats otherwise further actions will be taken. 1.b) Please do not publicly accuse another member of this community (or a clan) of hacking. Also, please use the proper avenue (a ticket) for reporting suspected cheaters in private. In recent times it has become more and more common that players accuse each other of cheating. Nor is this issue isolated to WarRock Montana. Losing a game alone (or getting killed repeatedly) does not necessarily mean that your enemy is using cheats. Accept that there are players out there that are faster or better skilled than you. However, if you truthfully suspect someone of cheating, please report them to the WarRock Montana team – but do not attempt to discuss the issue in public. 1.c) Please do not impersonate MODs or GMs as this will lead to termination of your account. ACCOUNT TRADE/-SHARING/-SCAMMING 2.a) Each account created by you may only be used by you and you alone. It is in your very own interest to keep your login data to yourself. Do not share it with anyone else. We take account trade and account sharing very seriously. Any and all players found to be sharing/trading their account are subject to prompt punitive action by the game masters. 2.b) Please do not ask members of this community for the login data to their account(s). As indicated in 2a, account data is to be kept private. Any attempt to gain access to another person’s account will have severe consequences. 2.c) Please note that Moderators and Game Administrators will NEVER ask for your password. PRIVACY 3.a) Do not give out information (e.g. postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses and the contents of a ticket or other private conversations…) of a private nature. We value the privacy of each member of this community. For that reason, and because EU privacy law requires it, it is absolutely forbidden to give out private information of any kind in-game. GENERAL BEHAVIOR 4.a) Please do not, under any circumstance, insult a member of this community – or provoke them into insulting/attacking someone else. WarRock Montana is not the place for personal insults or feuds, and you are expected to take that kind of behavior somewhere else. 4.b) Do not harass another member of this community. Cyber bullying is a problem these days, and we strive to keep it away from the game. Please treat other community members with respect and leave them alone if they wish to be left alone. 4.c) Do not say any racist or discriminating remarks. We here at WarRock Montana believe that each and every member of this community should be treated as an equal, no matter their nationality, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation or ethnicity and we expect the same behavior from you. 4.d) Please do not, under any circumstance, threaten to bring physical harm to a member of this community - or anyone else. Also, avoid wishing for someone to come to physical harm. (e.g. “I hope you get cancer and die”). Threats of (physical) violence against someone are taken extremely seriously and will have serious consequences if you ever violate this rule. So, in your own interest, don’t even think about doing something like this. Please don’t say that we have not warned you.
  2. Greetings troopers, We're afraid to announce that one of our hosting providers got hacked today, we want to clarify that the hackers did not gain access to our database nor steal any personal information from our users. That means everybody's their user credentials are safe so there is no reason to panic. Please note that if the hackers gained access to our database they still couldn't steal any personal data because we use one the best encryption, hashing and salting methods that are out there. The server will remain offline while we're trying to recover a back-up. We will compensate everybody for the downtime. Thank you for understanding and your patience. Kind regards, Your WarRock Montana team. EDIT: All the back-ups we're lost, please register again on the official website we will put out a very high exp event for the upcoming days so everybody can re-gain their levels, we're truly sorry for this tragic event.
  3. New client

    Greetings troopers! We're excited to let you know that we've finished working on the new client and it's being uploaded right now! Get ready for a better interface, tons of new weapons, packages, items and gear! You can download the new client from the homepage! Kind regards, Your WarRock Montana team.
  4. [POLL-2]Changing client

    Greetings troopers! We'd like to thank everybody who voted on the "Changing client poll", because of you we have a better insight of what our players want. With that being said we listened to your opinion and the result being that we will move to a newer client, however we won't move the newest one. Why? Because of the existing bugs and network issues the newest client has. We strive for an optimized game-play experience and if we move to the newest client we won't be able to give u that, and that's the last thing we want. We do offer a newer client which should look like this: Please vote yes or no if u want to move to this client, if the poll gets accepted we will starting developing a stable version of the game. This can take several weeks as we don't want to rush anything. Regards, Your WarRock Montana team.
  5. USA server

    Troopers, we have opened a server located in San Francisco (USA) to let our all American players have a better game experience! Let us know how it is through feedbacks in this post
  6. Staff List

    Greetings troopers, This is an overview of our current staff team with their corresponding roles and functions. - Game Masters [GM]Koryo (Project lead, Lead programmer and English support ) [GM]Amnesia (Social media promoter and English/Italian support ) [GM]SwaggerBoy (Community manager and English/Dutch support ) [GM]Garlic (Japanese/English support ) [GM]WRMuhQ (Finnish/English support) I will keep this thread up-to-date whenever something changes. Regards, SwaggerBoy
  7. [POLL] Changing client

    Greetings troopers! It's time that we let our community decide what happens to the future of WarRock Montana. We have been stumbling uppon the question if we should change the client to a newer one (The one that the official WarRock uses) So we decided to let the community vote. pros: - Newer and arguably better UI - More modes - More weapons cons: - More laggy (due to network changes in the newest client) - Custom clan icons are removed in the newest client. - We might run into unexpected issues Please let us know what you think. Regards, Your WarRock Montana team.
  8. Official Discord server

    Greetings troopers! We're excited to announce that we've expanded our communication platforms by adding a discord server! You're more than welcome to discuss, have a chit-chat or even make some friends :). We also provide support through discord. You can find the invite link here Regards, Your WarRock Montana team.
  9. Game update - 18.02.18

    -Added a new defence map called "Second_Lab" -Added a bunch of new weapons, gear and items to the item shop. -Officially put the beta phase to an end. -Several bug fixes.
  10. Game Update - 04.02.18

    During the beta period the exp/dinar has been multiplied by 500%,
  11. New server!

    Nicely done!
  12. Beta stage is live!

    Can't wait