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  1. [POLL] Changing client

    Remove what? I don't know what you're talking about with 'IS addendum'
  2. We're aware that the current Client offered in the newest mirrors is missing the WRLauncher & WRUpdater inorder to play the game. Currently, we're working on a new client, minor changes and fixes. Therefore we're going to release a new client download. SInce the WRLauncher & WRUpdater are missing in the current state, simply download them through this link. http://patch.warrockmontana.net/Launcher.zip Extract the .Zip File, paste the WRLauncher & WRUpdater into your WarRock Montana folder where the file named 'WarRock.ico' is located and start the game with the 'WRLauncher.exe' File. Done! Have fun
  3. [POLL] Changing client

    Why do you even bother when It's a dead game for you? There are still people out there that love and will always remember WarRock as a good and fun game to play. No one will ever force you to play the game again. It's your choice. But let people play that want to play.
  4. [POLL] Changing client

    Sounds cool. Me, as an WR Veteran, doesn't even know the new modes nor the new weapons. Haven't played official for a long time. I would like to know how more laggy it would be compared to the current client. Imo is the current lag like unnoticeable. Sure, here and there are some hiccups, but otherwise it's smooth like butter. A new client with a tolerated lag is OK for me.