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Game Update - 04.04.18

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Weapon balancing:

- Fixed the damage values. (HS Damage was set too low and chest damage too high)

- Fixed incorrect weapon itemshop statistics. (famas, m4a1, l85a1, pistols, sig550, m16, aks74u, UMP45, winchester, mg3, spas, l34a1, hk416, m16a4)

- Launchers fix attempt. 

- Magnum: ReactAmount decrease=decreases the amount of time it takes for weapon to be accurate. and recoil decrease

- Glock: Damage +14

- Beretta_D: Damage + 12

- BerettaM93R: Speed increase test (+30), Accuracy - 5

- Ump45: recoil fix (was only 20), also correct speed shown now and accuracy +3

- G36c: recoil fix attempt (was lower)

- Uzi: Recoil - 9

- G36C_D: damage +11, accuracy - 2

- AK74: accuracy +10

- P90: Damage +9, Accuracy - 7

- Mac10: Damage +4, Accuracy - 15, Speed +26

- Scar- H: Speed - 5

- PP2000: Recoil - 10

Please give the newly balanced weapons a try and let us know what you think about the changes.

The work with the weapon balance continues, so until next time!

* This balancing has been made by @WRMuhQ *

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