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Game Update - 31.03.18

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Weapon balancing:

- Fixed the following snipers damage: M24, SSG, AI_AW

- Panzerfaust Damage partially fixed (still does too big splash damage)

- PSG_1: Fix attempt but damage is still bugged, 1 shot to right hand and legs. Also increased bullet drop.

- AW50F: Accuracy increase to 80 and added Bullet Drop

- M24: Accuracy increase to 95 and added Bullet Drop 

- G36c: Damage +7, Speed +5

- PP2000: +16 Speed

- Vector: Accuracy - 5, Weight= - 2

- Scorpion_D: Accuracy - 5

- Ump45: Accuracy +5

- XM8: Fixed recoil

- Scar- H: Ammo capacity 30 to 20 and old damage stat of 50

- Scar- L: Accuracy +2

- AK47Tube: Accuracy - 2 and weight= +3

- M60: Damage +4



AK47 is a great starting point for the balance of high damage assault weapons, the damage and speed of these weapons are the same but as the magazine capacity increases so do the difficulty of precision and mobility.



And K1 is a great starting point for balanced medic/engineer weapons, so increasing the speed and damage not only is balanced for G36C but also matches the IRL statistics nicely. (750RPM and uses the same ammunition as M4a1 IRL)

As for the rest, only small improvements were made, there is definitely more work to be done in the future.

Variety of the weapons should be better now but the work with the weapon balance will continue especially as currently all weapons do too much damage to the chest, so it takes 1 less bullet to kill.

So please try out the new weapons and feel free to give feedback on what you think about the changes.

* This balancing has been made by @WRMuhQ *

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