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  1. Cash oversales!

    Troopers, we sent to everyone +50.000 WRCash and +100.000 Dinars Hope you will enjoy it!
  2. Game Update - 18.07.18

    Changelogs: - New "blood" weapons in the itemshop1 - Some game fixes (sounds/scopes/etc) - Some misc fixes
  3. Game Update - 14.07.18

    Changelogs: - New weapons have been added in the item shop! - New daily event has been added. Log in every day to get a random prize that can be an amount of cash/dinar or a rare item! - New bug fixes! Also until 01.09.18 we will be running a 200% EXP event!
  4. Troopers, as being an expensive and unused servers, we are removing Europe/USA server for the moment. As soon as U.S people increases, on its request, we will add a new USA server. For the moment, the international server will run in Europe (Frankfurt) Hope in your comprension!
  5. Server Update - 05.05.18

    Changelogs: - Fixed an issue with room modes (such as big head, etc) not being started in the proper way.
  6. Game Update - 25.04.18

    Ehm, probably it was too accurate before.
  7. Warehouse Preview

    Troopers, as you have noticed, we added a new map on our last update. We bring you a video preview of it!
  8. Game Update - 19.04.18

    Changelogs: - New map: Warehouse - Changed some graphics - Characters, items and weapons description improvements. - Adjusted item shop prices. New map showcase:
  9. Game Update - 20.04.18

    Changelogs: - Shop & damage adjustments - Changed some FFA spawns on Warehouse to avoid some strange issues
  10. Game Update - 19.04.18

    We are trying to get players here, however, we don't know where to advertise anymore. Any help from the community is highly appreciated.
  11. Dear troopers, we are happy to announce we have released a brand new client of WarRock Montana. We know we already upgraded a lot, but this one is bringing really cool things, and we can say it will be the last client upgrade. The reasons we did upgrade are the following: - This client is based on a Peer 2 Server model, this helps also people affected by peering issues in-game (also known as 999), so there will be no more ping, but a smooth gameplay. - The mentioned above Peer2Server is not the same as normal WarRock (ph/eu/kr) are running, our one is on a custom protocol that is way more faster than the normal game does, so we can guarantee a better gameplay experience - We can make more updates/add new features to this client as its faster for us, as there are only 1/2 people working on the project - This client has been built for really low-end computers, any user will notice instantly the lighter smoothness of the client There are a lot more ... Enjoy this update!
  12. Game Update - 13.04.18

    Changelogs: - Fixed issues with buying packages - Fixed an issue with vehicles Weapon fixing and balancing: - Fixed speed stat description for most weapons. - Scar-H = Speed fix attempt. - Scar-L = Recoil -4 - HK416 = Accuracy +5 - L85a1 = Accuracy + 10 - Desert_Eagle = Recoil + 21 - M500 = Accuracy +7 - M249 = Ammo capacity +50, Mags -2 - AK47_Dual = Recoil increase - Tommy_gun = Ammo capacity + 20, Magazines -1, Accuracy -7, Weight -1 - Mp7a1 = Fixed Recoil - Tar21 = Damage +7, Accuracy +2, Weight -1 - M93R = Speed fix attempt - G36c = Weight -2 - G36cd = Accuracy -4 - MD97 = Accuracy +4 - AKS74u = Accuracy +4 - Degtyarov = Accuracy +4, Damage +5 - Tokarev = Weight -4, Accuracy +24 - SR25 = Reduced the time it takes for shot to be accurate, added bullet drop. - AIAW = Accuracy +12, added bullet drop. - SSG = Accuracy + 10, added bullet drop, Weight +3. - Dragunov = Accuracy +10, added bullet drop, weight +3. - M21 = Reduced the time it takes for shot to be accurate, added bullet drop, Weight +4. - Tac15 = Reduced the time it takes for shot to be accurate, added arrow drop And as always, please test out the improved weapons and leave feedback of what do you think about the changes.
  13. Game Update - 09.04.18

    Item Shop changelog: - Adjusted some packages prices - Added premium gold 30 days (package tab)
  14. Game Update - 04.04.18

    Weapon balancing: - Fixed the damage values. (HS Damage was set too low and chest damage too high) - Fixed incorrect weapon itemshop statistics. (famas, m4a1, l85a1, pistols, sig550, m16, aks74u, UMP45, winchester, mg3, spas, l34a1, hk416, m16a4) - Launchers fix attempt. - Magnum: ReactAmount decrease=decreases the amount of time it takes for weapon to be accurate. and recoil decrease - Glock: Damage +14 - Beretta_D: Damage + 12 - BerettaM93R: Speed increase test (+30), Accuracy - 5 - Ump45: recoil fix (was only 20), also correct speed shown now and accuracy +3 - G36c: recoil fix attempt (was lower) - Uzi: Recoil - 9 - G36C_D: damage +11, accuracy - 2 - AK74: accuracy +10 - P90: Damage +9, Accuracy - 7 - Mac10: Damage +4, Accuracy - 15, Speed +26 - Scar- H: Speed - 5 - PP2000: Recoil - 10 Please give the newly balanced weapons a try and let us know what you think about the changes. The work with the weapon balance continues, so until next time! * This balancing has been made by @WRMuhQ *
  15. Game Update - 31.03.18

    Weapon balancing: - Fixed the following snipers damage: M24, SSG, AI_AW - Panzerfaust Damage partially fixed (still does too big splash damage) - PSG_1: Fix attempt but damage is still bugged, 1 shot to right hand and legs. Also increased bullet drop. - AW50F: Accuracy increase to 80 and added Bullet Drop - M24: Accuracy increase to 95 and added Bullet Drop - G36c: Damage +7, Speed +5 - PP2000: +16 Speed - Vector: Accuracy - 5, Weight= - 2 - Scorpion_D: Accuracy - 5 - Ump45: Accuracy +5 - XM8: Fixed recoil - Scar- H: Ammo capacity 30 to 20 and old damage stat of 50 - Scar- L: Accuracy +2 - AK47Tube: Accuracy - 2 and weight= +3 - M60: Damage +4 AK47 is a great starting point for the balance of high damage assault weapons, the damage and speed of these weapons are the same but as the magazine capacity increases so do the difficulty of precision and mobility. And K1 is a great starting point for balanced medic/engineer weapons, so increasing the speed and damage not only is balanced for G36C but also matches the IRL statistics nicely. (750RPM and uses the same ammunition as M4a1 IRL) As for the rest, only small improvements were made, there is definitely more work to be done in the future. Variety of the weapons should be better now but the work with the weapon balance will continue especially as currently all weapons do too much damage to the chest, so it takes 1 less bullet to kill. So please try out the new weapons and feel free to give feedback on what you think about the changes. * This balancing has been made by @WRMuhQ *
  16. New client (again, but last!)

    It is already out since few days...
  17. Game Update - 20.03.18

    Changelogs: - Fixed few bugs in Zombie (Thanks to @P4P4SU for help) - Added 18th wave prizes for easy/hard mode - Fixed few issues with the new client - Optimized UDP Protocol
  18. Game Update - 12.03.18

    Changelogs: - Imported new & balanced maps - Adjusted weapon damages - Fixed few minor bugs
  19. Game Update - 11.03.18

    Changelogs: - Weapons balancement - a lot of weapons stats have been balanced - New items & packages available in the item shop - Visual fixes - Fixed some other "rare" crashes - Minor improvements
  20. Game Update - 11.03.18

    @WRMuhQ we did already move balance from WR KR PSG will check it out
  21. Server Update - 06.03.18

    Changelogs: - Zombie "HARD" mode is now harder - Moved the server under the .NET Core platform (should speed up a lot the server) - Some optimization to server code - Some changes to the general core
  22. Server Update - 04.03.18

    Changelogs: - Fixed a strange "bug" in Zombie occurred some security fixes - Optimized Cash Item Buy speed for far servers such as USA and Asia - Fixed Army Hospital zombie spawn place bug - Fixed some glitches with inventory
  23. Game Update - 03.03.18

    Changelogs: - Since now, you can earn cash by playing, how? Easy, every hour of game play (lobby / idling / afk are not counted) you will receive 500 WRCash (2.500 WRCash until next reboot ) - Added new items to the Item Shop - Adjusted some weapon sounds and prices - Optimized client/server networking - Optimized Zombie Mode - Fixed some glitches in Japanese UI
  24. Game Update - 28.02.18

    Changelogs: - Fixed crashes - Fixed a lot of problems If you crash, please send us the "debug_log.txt" in WarRock folder in Technical Issues section