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Problems 999 / Cannot see people

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Let's start with the reason: Why there is the 999 issue?


Let's begin with the networking structure of WarRock.

WarRock is built on UDP P2P system, this means there is no middle server handling the in-game movements.

When you join a room, the server tells you how to contact the other users.

So this is an example of P2P: https://www.codeproject.com/KB/WCF/614028/pto1.png

This means that each player is connected to each other.

Of course, this has some pros and cons.


  • Less lag, because the data shouldn't go over the server


  • Peer2Peer is blocked some from ISP/Routers

So that's the real problem, some ISP/Routers blocks Peer2Peer system.

The question is, why? The answer is because the player connecting to you are recognized as "unknown connections"

So there is no way to resolve this 999 issue?

There are some ways, you can do some tries.

  1. Disable Windows Firewall (Advanced one)
  2. Disable your Anti-virus network firewall
  3. Enable DMZ on your router (How to)
  4. Open UDP ports on your local machine (1-65535)

If this didn't solve your issue, well, there are low chances to resolve it.

So there are 2 probably working ways:

  1. Get another router
  2. Use a VPN

VPN, of course, could make the game lagging, so we are also thinking about to make a free proxy hosted on own servers, so the delay would be like 0 as the server would have 0 delays with itself, and of course this proxy would cover only the game, however, we still have to work on this, but we invite everyone to fix their issue in the most normal way to have a better game experience.

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This isn't anymore required since we run on P2S protocol now.

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